There is something to be said for limitations. It is easy to share anything deemed cool that we see on the Web. It’s much more difficult to only share the best – the gadgets, gear, rides, style, or technology that piques your interest and may whet your appetite.

However, we do enjoy breaking the rules. So the products we feature on Crave / Lust / Love may be beyond the limit of what you can afford. You see, there is no limit to aspiration or desire.

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The Company

Crave / Lust / Love is a company and brand built on commitment. We are your purveyor of lust-worthy products, services, and experiences.

We are critics. We are energetic. We are driven. Our desire is to deliver a well curated experience for the gentleman looking to live in style, to be well informed, and enjoy the culture of our time.

We enjoy meeting new friends, especially those as discerning as we are. So please, do say hello. If you are shy, you can also stalk us on Facebook or Twitter.


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The Mission

You have limits – perhaps it is time, energy, or income. We respect that.

Our mission is quite simple, we want to give you a daily feed of finely curated items. If you are going to spend your time with us, it should be well spent.

Our long term goals, well those are still secret. But we have a few ideas we’d like to share with the community when the time is right.

Until then, enjoy the experience and please share your thoughts with us. It only makes us better.