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May 16, 2013

Philips Hue Update Adds Major Functionality Including Geofencing

Philips Updates Hue with Major Functionality

We have already deemed the Philips Hue lust-worthy. With the most recent Philips Hue update you can automatically turn your lights on, or change settings, when you arrive home. Besides improving their alarm and timer functionality they have partnered with IFTTT to give you even more control to your lighting. Imagine adjusting your lights based on the weather. Or how …

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May 12, 2013

Philips Hue LED Lighting

Phillips Hue LED Lightbulbs

Looking to make your world a bit more colorful and brighter? The Philips Hue LED-based lighting system gives you complete control of your home’s lighting and ambiance. The bulbs fit any normal light socket and controlled right from your smartphone or tablet device. Each Philips Huge LED bulb uses 80% less power than a traditional …

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